Mobile Responsive – Walk Like A Man

Mobile responsive doesn’t just mean ensuring your website is accessible on a handheld device – that’s child’s play. This genre of internet marketing is in a league all its own. Is your design making varsity or is it stuck warming the bench in peewee?

Time for your insurance and financial marketing services to put the big boy pants on – stop thinking small, don’t run your mouth, and break the speed limit.

Like a website only smaller

I used to love playing with miniatures when I was younger. Teeny tiny tea party? I’m there. But then I grew up, and I packed the toys away. It’s time to do the same with your mobile marketing.

Oh cell phone… what would we do without you? Shrivel and die seems to be the consensus. When it comes to web access, users like to keep it mobile – 60% of cell phone owners use their device to access the internet. That’s a corner of the market you need to make some room for in the sandbox.

Unless you’re going to send each one of your viewers a pea sized magnifying glass, you better adapt. Make sure your website is easily viewable on handhelds – or your profits will be enjoying the soothing sounds of the world’s tiniest violin.

Get to the point

When it comes to mobile touring, viewers aren’t looking for the loquacious type.

Any person who is viewing your website on his or her mobile device is looking for a quick fix – a phone number, hours of operation, or your location. Leave the fluff out – audio should be discreet and visuals simple.

Think about it this way, if you could disclose only five things about you and your business, what would they be? Your affinity for selfies likely isn’t one of them. Unless you’re a Kardashian fan… in which case, shame on you. Catch my drift skip?

Lost in the woods on how to get your call to action up to par? Don’t pout, help is out there.

Any minute now

You’re killing me smalls – words that escape your breath when you’re waiting for a site to load FOR…EH…VER. Today’s technology privileged society wants it and they want it now.

A little bratty, I know, but a key element for staying on top of your mobile responsive game is coddling the consumer’s need for speed. [Insert Top Gun reference here]

How many times have you waited more than ten seconds for a website to load before hitting the back button?

You need to get the lead out kid – tweak your browser so it burns hotter than a new turbocharger.

Wrap it up…

A successful dip in the marketing pool requires a creative mind – and nothing is more constructive in that aspect than thinking like a kid.

Mobile responsive design, on the other hand, requires more maturity – you need to trade in the clip on for a Windsor knot sport.

Part of being an adult means having more responsibility. Anything you can do to relieve the stress of handling tasks will earn your life insurance agency gold stars.

You can’t control change, but you can control how you respond to it. Adaptation separates the men from the boys – show the competition what it means to walk like a man big guy.

Lisa Navarro is a freelance writer and administrative professional currently residing in Southern California. She has over 10 years of experience within the marketing and health insurance fields. When she’s not intimidating strangers with her writing, she’s most likely out and about stirring up trouble.