Pro Internet Marketing

The internet is one amazing tool – it harnesses the power to connect people beyond a physical plane. Insurance and financial marketing empires have risen and fallen in this world.

A majority of our society takes this technological wizardry for granted. Pardon my language but the web is covered in an inordinate amount of crap – trust.

Don’t just post what you had for lunch, use your internet marketing for something meaningful or at the very least useful – keep it short and sweet, make a difference not a dent, and generate headlines.

Spin babble into drabble

“All you have to do is write one true sentence.” That was Hemingway. “Never use a long word where a short one will do.” Orwell dropped that beauty. “Brevity is the soul of wit.” That one escapes me… Shakespeare something.

You know what these literary savants were really saying… wrap – it – up. Put more eloquently of course.

Keep social posts quick and informative – not emotional. Studies show logic will outshine the dramatic when it comes to recirculation. Don’t oversaturate with adjectives – you’re not writing the next Iliad here.

Ernie’s drunken rants were genius – the rest of us I’m guessing not so much. You don’t want a reputation as the sloppy drunk that runs their mouth dry.

Speak clearly and with purpose

Social media allows the public to feel for a moment that they have captured the coveted mistress of notoriety – fifteen megabytes of fame.

In a way, social media posts are the time capsules we may leave behind for future archeologists to ponder about their ancestors, i.e. us. What will they say? Perhaps, “Must have been a complex society of individuals, full of great potential and horrendous destruction… and they really liked brunch!”

Unfortunately, this trend of non sequitur type content has turned off many professionals from utilizing social media for business.

What will your digital legacy say about you? Master of innovation or lover of jam on toast – the choice is yours.

Newsworthy words of wisdom

There are billions of social network users out there, 2.3 billion to be exact – that’s enough to fill the Staples center over one hundred and twenty thousand times. To muddle the waters further, on average each user subscribes to at least 5 different social networks.

Social media platforms are littered with a massive scale of monotony – I mean, how many times can you stand viewing posts with a sunset, a latte, or someone’s feet before you want to eat a bullet.

To get your insurance and financial marketing services ahead of the game, you have to break the news not recycle it. You have to tap into your inner journalist and break headlines.

So where do you stand? More importantly, where do you want to stand? Are you one of millions or just one in a million?

Wrap it up…

Social media was meant to be a medium for people to express themselves and expand on their creativity. Although this is true for a handful, the rest is a sea of copycats – doppelgangers on repeat.

If you want your internet marketing to survive the swarm you have to think outside the box. In fact, go beyond that, build a new box… construct something awe inspiring.

When it is all said and done, when the dust settles, you want your life insurance agency to be remembered as a trend setter – go hard or go home.

The Best Email Campaigns

For any endurance type sport, you can’t just dive in – you prepare, you train, you build endurance. Otherwise you’re curled into a ball on the field with a Charlie horse going Seabisquit on your hamstring. Medic!

You have to crawl before you can walk. Just as you must vigorously prepare for any email campaign you set out into the world.

How your life insurance agency handles one campaign sets the precedent for how it will handle the next one – to run a success you’ll have to get organized, execute like a pro, and follow through on your pitch.

Get ready to e-rumble

There is a time in everyone’s life where one must embrace spontaneity – fly by the seat of your pants so they say. Email campaigns are not one of those times.

It would be just lovely to live and work on a whim, but this isn’t a fairytale – it’s your livelihood and it takes methodical precision to run it up the ladder instead of into the ground.

Take the time to properly prepare beforehand, it will save you loads of time and stress in the long run.

Allow sufficient RSVP time. You’re going to have to Goldilocks this one – in other words don’t ramp up too soon and risk going cold with your public and don’t wait until the last minute with a five alarm fire blazing its way through your office.

Own the room

This is where you fill the money bag my friend. All the preparation in the world won’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.

No great orator was ever remembered for the grueling hours spent before they took the stand – they were remembered when they laid down the final execution at the podium.

Terrified of speaking in public – find a coach. Not good with the techy smoke and mirrors – test your equipment to gain confidence.

Horrified with the thought of having to interact with others – find a new job. This is sales, baby, you have to flaunt it to get it.

Can you handle the truth?

There’s a reason they call it constructive criticism – you’re supposed to build from it. Too many hands in the cookie jar can cause a backlog but you should always listen to someone willing to give it to straight.

Send at least one reminder notice out prior to the event, at least a few weeks out. Open it up to questions from prospected attendees.

Don’t blast people with constant reminders – you’ll blow your wad early. That’s a reference to the old days of muzzle loaded firearms so stop blushing.

When it’s all said and done, follow up from patrons and get their feedback. Receiving brutal honesty in person from someone is a rare find – people will be more inclined to share their ‘nays’ in private quarters.

Wrap it up…

I saw in a movie once, a character said, “I don’t believe in stretching. Have you ever seen a lion stretch before it takes out a gazelle?”

We’d all love to be that wicked cool, but the truth is that any well laid plan goes down only with a trail of hard work behind it – just like an e-mail campaign. Insurance and financial marketing services involve planning no matter how you cut it.

No title, cup, championship was obtained without leaving some blood on the field. Take the time to nurture your projects until their ripe for the picking – you’ll be glad you did.

The World of Digital Marketing

Wristwatch phones, hover boards, artificial intelligence… things science fiction enthusiasts have been drooling over for decades – and today they no longer have to. We’re barreling through the wave of the future right now.

Thinkers like Wells, Bradbury, and Huxley were well ahead of their time – a plethora of their omniscient ideas have come to fruition. If they were alive today, what would they imagine for our tomorrow?

How will advancing technology affect digital marketing trends? More importantly, how will it impact your insurance and financial marketing services?

Honor amidst thieves

Unless you’re Batman it is near impossible to stay off grid these days. The “six degrees of separation” theory was given juggernaut force with social media. Assassination by octothorp (that’s the fancy word for ‘#’ for you plebians).

One trend you’ll see become more prevalent is the need to protect one’s privacy. Increased surveillance and mobile devices turns every corner and every hand into the paparazzi. The old saying “when no one’s looking” has become obsolete.

Working the insurance and financial marketing circuit gives you inside access to some intimate details – break your client’s trust and there will be blood.

Do not, I repeat do not, put your client’s secrets on the black market for bidding. Ensure your customers that their personal information is not for sale – be the pit bull at the door ready to protect not attack.

Holograms or bust

The masses are so eager for technology to catch up with their imaginations that some zealous amateur engineers have gone as far as crafting hologram displays for smartphones out of old CD cases. Anyone born after 2001 is now Googling what a CD case is.

Ever since Leia made her plea to Obi-Wan, tech genius-nerds around the globe have been chomping at the bit to recreate it – and now they have.

Voxiebox, the brainchild of VOXON, displays a 3D hologram without the use of external equipment – a free floating model formed by light. I don’t know about you, but ‘mind officially blown’ was my initial reaction.

So instead of pens you can hand out light sabers with your logo on it (yes!) – now attempt to high five your buddy and miss.

Rise of the man-chine

So machines could, like, totally take over the world – OMG guys I am so not even close to being ready! Pardon me, I had some tween speech stuck in my throat there.

Don’t worry, I doubt a naked terminator is going to bust through your living room looking to borrow your Harley anytime soon. Technology will, however, continue to merge with our biology.

This is where you will start to see digital marketing get up close and personal. With facial recognition sciences gaining strength, drawing up charts for various ranges of coverage may become a thing of the past – able to focus instead on one individual at a time.

Fitbits may one day move from a wristband to an implant. A physical for a life insurance policy may one be as easy as pushing a button – or even pulling a finger (warning, article may contain adolescent humor).

Wrap it up…

I’m a little disappointed we don’t have flying cars on the lot yet but I’m just being greedy – we live in an age of pure technological miracles.

Technology is one restless bird – it doesn’t seem to have touched the ground since it first took flight. The only question now is now, how high can it go?

Advances in your own back yard, the medical field, have made it possible for people to live longer, live stronger, and heck… just live (wink-wink, nudge-nudge, towards annuity sales).

Some go as far to inspire millions even further – case and point, Noah Galloway, a double amputee veteran that graced the cover of Men’s Health. Like Noah, your insurance and financial marketing services must adapt and conquer the ever changing world of digital marketing.

The Business of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is no cake walk – I’m talking long nights, moments of utter despair, and grit so thick on your hands you could cut it with a knife.

Oh but the sordid mistress of success… nothing tastes sweeter. If you want your insurance and financial marketing services to move on up you’re going to need a little help from your friends, learn to pay your dues, and keep your wits about you.

Take Advantage of Alternative Revenue

Savings and loan will only get you so far when you’re ramping up a new business. Unless you have a sugar daddy at your beck and call you’re going to need an alternative form of revenue.

Unfortunately, in this fluctuating economy sometimes the powers that be just can’t deliver – from time to time the system fails to work in your favor. What do you do when Uncle Sam opens his wallet and a moth flies out?

Steer clear of the loan sharks kid, this isn’t Casino. There are other ways – ones that don’t involve cement shoes or broken knees.

Ask your neighbor for some sugar. Not literally of course… that’s considered weird now. Check out organizations like Kickstarter – backers in your front yard ready and willing to support new creative projects.

Marketing Takes Time

Fireball whiskey was a big hit with the kids for a stretch. After a while though, the novelty wore off, and you realized you were drinking the equivalent of liquid candy.

To each their own but give me a bottle of Bushmills any day. There’s a reason ole ‘B’ has graced the shelves of pubs and warmed the craws of writers for over four centuries.

If I’m going to tip it back I want to do it with something that has some oomph behind it – and when it comes to success, experience trumps sparkle any day.

Be patient, it’s going to take time to build your street cred, especially in a bloated industry like insurance and financial marketing services – show the world you have the potential to stand strong through the test of time.

Check it or wreck it

It’s a cold hard truth, some dreams don’t come true. Everyone has fantasies they know are impossible to achieve in their lifetime. Take for example… you’ll never be Ironman – my condolences.

No one is trying to rain on your parade, but you have to be logical when it comes to a startup – know when it’s time to throw in the towel on a project.

That doesn’t mean give up completely. Perhaps you just need to adjust the sails and change direction. Most entrepreneurs hit the mark after they found their second wind.

Take it from a maverick philosopher like Palahniuk who so eloquently once said, “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

Wrap it up…

Let’s bring it back… you just got your license and you scored the keys to the car for the night. Out there, all on your own on the open road, windows down and music blasting – aaaahhh freedom.

It was exhilarating, right? You only get that feeling once in a blue moon in life – much like when you decided to open up your own life insurance agency.

Starting your own business is an outcry for freedom against the mundane – to carve your own path in life. To make it work, find your harmony between brains and brawn.

Mobile Responsive – Walk Like A Man

Mobile responsive doesn’t just mean ensuring your website is accessible on a handheld device – that’s child’s play. This genre of internet marketing is in a league all its own. Is your design making varsity or is it stuck warming the bench in peewee?

Time for your insurance and financial marketing services to put the big boy pants on – stop thinking small, don’t run your mouth, and break the speed limit.

Like a website only smaller

I used to love playing with miniatures when I was younger. Teeny tiny tea party? I’m there. But then I grew up, and I packed the toys away. It’s time to do the same with your mobile marketing.

Oh cell phone… what would we do without you? Shrivel and die seems to be the consensus. When it comes to web access, users like to keep it mobile – 60% of cell phone owners use their device to access the internet. That’s a corner of the market you need to make some room for in the sandbox.

Unless you’re going to send each one of your viewers a pea sized magnifying glass, you better adapt. Make sure your website is easily viewable on handhelds – or your profits will be enjoying the soothing sounds of the world’s tiniest violin.

Get to the point

When it comes to mobile touring, viewers aren’t looking for the loquacious type.

Any person who is viewing your website on his or her mobile device is looking for a quick fix – a phone number, hours of operation, or your location. Leave the fluff out – audio should be discreet and visuals simple.

Think about it this way, if you could disclose only five things about you and your business, what would they be? Your affinity for selfies likely isn’t one of them. Unless you’re a Kardashian fan… in which case, shame on you. Catch my drift skip?

Lost in the woods on how to get your call to action up to par? Don’t pout, help is out there.

Any minute now

You’re killing me smalls – words that escape your breath when you’re waiting for a site to load FOR…EH…VER. Today’s technology privileged society wants it and they want it now.

A little bratty, I know, but a key element for staying on top of your mobile responsive game is coddling the consumer’s need for speed. [Insert Top Gun reference here]

How many times have you waited more than ten seconds for a website to load before hitting the back button?

You need to get the lead out kid – tweak your browser so it burns hotter than a new turbocharger.

Wrap it up…

A successful dip in the marketing pool requires a creative mind – and nothing is more constructive in that aspect than thinking like a kid.

Mobile responsive design, on the other hand, requires more maturity – you need to trade in the clip on for a Windsor knot sport.

Part of being an adult means having more responsibility. Anything you can do to relieve the stress of handling tasks will earn your life insurance agency gold stars.

You can’t control change, but you can control how you respond to it. Adaptation separates the men from the boys – show the competition what it means to walk like a man big guy.

Internet Marketing – Bump It Well

Standing center stage in the limelight used to hold prestige – now most media clips fall victim to a comedic remix with a dub step beat behind it. Don’t let your life insurance agency be the next viral mockery.

Take the internet marketing bull by the horns – exercise restraint, shake down social media, and use music to soothe the savage beast.

Ads – loud and unclear

If you’re sponsoring content and want to slip in a little placement ad, don’t slap the voyeur in the face with the equivalent of a digital pie.

After a jolt… what do you remember about the seconds that ensued? I’ll bet it wasn’t much. That’s because you’re in shock mode. Screeching quick start ads are counterproductive in that way.

Draw the consumer to stand and fight, not take flight. Try a slow fade, not Kid ‘n Play style – classy like…as in right before that summer blockbuster you have been itching to see comes on the screen.

Don’t mumble meekly in the corner either – you don’t need the high pitched wine of a dog whistle to be heard, just have something to say that’s worth listening to.

Shake the Tweeter, bust the meter

Use and abuse your social media platforms. Not only does digital publishing spread information quicker than the plague, it hoards it.

You think Twitter and Facebook were invented merely to satisfy your gratuitous need to spread your vapid mush? Snap out of it slick – it is all about flying those paper planes.

Every post leaves a digital footprint that is tracked, quantified, and sold on the analytics and reporting black market – so you definitely need to tap that ‘@.’

Social media isn’t just for cheap and easy gossip – if used intelligently it can stir up the right attention to boost your insurance and financial marketing services – and it’s free, oh so free.

Lucrative lullaby

A music playlist can read like a diary – it’ll give you the heads up on whether you’re dealing with a high maintenance pop princess or a soulful blues aficionado.

Music has the power to congregate, separate, and elevate all at the same time. It is a powerful weapon you need in your internet marketing arsenal.

Clare Caldwell and Sally A. Hibbert of the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, studied the effects of music tempo on consumer behavior in a restaurant setting. Turns out slow music increased diner visit time – and the amount of coin they dropped on a hot dish.

Play that funky music insurance boy – find your own rhythm, and don’t let the beat drop on your campaigns.

Wrap it up…

Internet marketing is a resource your life insurance agency can’t live without. Lasso up on your strategies – the urban jungle is dense with competition, and predators.

There is a subtle art to locating the medium of edgy and obnoxious – get to know exactly what will rally your consumers to chant for an encore.

Show your clients you have all the right moves – turn it up and dance like no one is watching.

Brand Building Buddha

In the chaotic and cutthroat world of business, what a relief it is to find a life insurance agency that shines as the voice of reason – one that carves the path instead of just treading on it.

Show the mob the way in the light – open connections like a guru, exercise compassion, and relieve yourself of wrongdoing to build your brand like a Zen master.

Networking nirvana

Today’s brand building is all about enhancing your customers… uh, “me.” If you’re not fulfilling that need then you’re about as useful as an ash tray on a motorcycle.

Helping others to build their brands will build yours simultaneously – it makes your name synonymous with the man who knows how to get things – the ‘Red’ to their Andy Dufresne.

Pull your sleeves up and make honorable connections for your clients that will evolve into a lucrative network – not just another hash tag fanatic with a “like” button fetish.

That’s white-collar karma guaranteed to circle back – and when you need a favor, you’ll know who can pull markers on.

Profit hugs for humanitarians

When it comes to building a business, being soft like Charmin usually isn’t a good thing, but your clients want to know that you’re not just a bottom line brute.

Consumers are seeking to connect with producers beyond a superficial plane – so show a little love and share the wealth with a non-profit you hold dear (there must be one).

It is a well-known fact that toying with emotions will provide the greatest return on an investment. With that in mind, remember that certain topics are never going to be part of polite conversation so leave anything taboo off the table.

Don’t try to fake it though. This is charity, not pity – and consumers can sniff out bogus quicker than a chicken on a June bug.

Honor by association

A man can be measured by the company he keeps – so who are you rolling with?

You want to build professional kinships that put you out to stud, not drag your name through the mud.

Exchanging advertising rights for your media content is essential for your organization to grow, but you don’t need to do business with the bottom dwellers to do it.

If I visit your site and get a virus or buried in spam e-mails, I’m going to drop you like a bad habit. Then salaciously slander your name to everyone I know.

Always know who and what you’re working with if you want to remain a class act and not the next water cooler joke.

Wrap it up…

Don’t be fooled by the fame, the bright lights and attention – the man behind the curtain is always pulling the strings. You want to be the profiteer and not the puppet.

True born leaders do the right thing even when no one is looking. Your clients will respect you for keeping your life insurance agency on the straight and narrow because they know you’ll do the same for them.

Be genuine to your voice when building your brand and your good name will flourish like the wild lotus.

Customer Relationships – Mojo Rising

You worked hard to get the score – don’t let your blood, sweat, and tears go cold over time. Show the industry your life insurance agency can still move it like it’s stolen. Lend an ear, along with a helping hand, and strap your hard hat on for constructive criticism to keep your customer relationship fires white hot.

The customer canary sings

Something on your mind dear? – Five fateful words that can make or break your night.

Thankfully there is one corner of your life where you don’t have to worry about passive aggressiveness, and that’s the relationship you have with your customer.

The modern consumer is direct – they won’t beat around the bush when it comes to telling you what they want. In fact, they feel it’s their duty to say so – it’s your job as a life insurance agency to listen up and deliver the goods.

Lexus made a hover board… oh yeah, a hover board. Is a hover board necessary to our survival? No. Is it super awesome and something every kid has been shouting from the rooftops for since Back to the Future II came out? You bet it is.

Don’t just wait for your turn to talk – have open conversations with your clients regularly if you want to keep them smiling pretty.

Life insurance Yoda you are

Hoarding information like Rumpelstiltskin is no way to make friends – sharing your wealth of knowledge can spin gold for both your business and your customer.

You never forget the one that taught you how to catch fish instead of beg for it – how to be independent. That kind of life lesson breeds loyalty to the teacher.

Do the same for your life insurance agency by being the go-to guru for education on the right products and tools for success – that’s job security.

Take LTC, a highly lucrative product, shied away from by most life insurance agents because it is challenging to comprehend – give them a cheat sheet on the perfect elevator pitch.

People are most afraid of what they don’t understand – open their eyes to a new frontier and your name will be synonymous with that of legends.

Pop quiz hot shot

It is too easy to grow too big for your business britches when you’re on a hot streak – Never work under the assumption that your clients are ever completely satisfied.

Scorsese isn’t a man known for needing direction (pun definitely intended), but you may be shocked to hear that the original version of Goodfellas left audiences less than thrilled. In fact, it is rumored that dozens of people walked out on the test screening.

Based on that initial reaction, Goodfellas was recut and it is now the masterpiece we see today. If you’re not receiving favorable return on an idea then change it, immediately – you don’t have time for a concept to grow on the audience.

If you want to keep the momentum of customer relationships with your life insurance agency going strong, stay humble – keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds.

Let’s wrap it up…

You think this is funny? Like I’m a clown here to make you laugh? I kid. What’s not amusing is taking your customer relationships for granted.

If your organization is just for fun and games then don’t bother ever changing a thing – but last time I checked continuous revenue was kind of a big deal for entrepreneurs.

You have had a solid relationship with a customer for years…so they would never have the audacity to take their business up the street, right? No, wrong – bad life insurance agency!

Keep your customers spellbound – show them you’re in it for the long haul. Because trust me, nobody knows you when you’re down and out.

Underground Brand Building

You stick out like a sore thumb – words of encouragement when it comes to brand building. Don’t be a copy of a copy – give your organization the edge it needs to come up guerilla style. If you want your insurance and financial marketing services to break on through to the other side you need to step fearlessly into the unknown, leave your conveniences behind, and hit the road.

  1. Be a unique snowflake

You don’t need to arouse chaos to get noticed these days, but you do need to stir the pot a little.

I’m not saying go Project Mayhem on your marketing resources, but there is an allure to a brand that isn’t afraid to shake up the established social order.

Think about it, the advertisements you remember best are the ones that were the most absurd. Intensity never fails to increase memory recall and chance of future repetition to others.

No one was ever remembered because they were just like everyone else – make your life insurance agency the exception to the rule. Draw out the unorthodox spirit inside you if you want to make your brand stick.

It also helps to be funny, absurdly funny – tell them that joke you know.

  1. Print shiny and chrome

Print isn’t dead, it’s just dormant. With less print media in circulation, spilling ink to build your brand will help set you apart from the crowd.

Hard mail isn’t just a novelty, it still has some advantages over its digital cousins. Online, consumers can delete advertisements just as quick as producers can generate them – print has a much longer shelf life… plus there is no fear of viruses.

Just make it interesting or it’s going under File 13. Don’t be afraid to get playful with colors, textures, and even scents – tantalize the senses. And keep it classy – no glitter, this isn’t a ticket to a pop princess concert.

  1. Brand building – next exit

Electronics may reign supreme on the information superhighway but they’re holstered on the hard asphalt.

According to an Arbitron National In-Car Study people spend over eighteen hours a week in their cars. Give them something to stare at besides the back of a bumper and imagining they have gun turrets for headlights.

Billboards are still an effective marketing resource. In the same Arbitron study, they discovered 58% of people who passed a billboard recalled an event they would attend, 56% repeated a funny quip, and 28% jotted down the web address.

You only have a few seconds before your commuting consumer speeds by so keep it short and sweet like a sugar gnome. Think Banksy style – simple yet witty and edgy. No lengthy instructions for how to make pink soap.

Let’s wrap it up…

The majority of marketing is done digitally because it better suits the bottom line. But let’s face it, sometimes the cheap route is the one you end up paying the most for.

Modern technology is vital in the world of insurance and financial marketing services but at times it can come off as a little cold – so let’s start a fire and let it burn.

Don’t be afraid to rock the boat – sometimes that means giving your consumer a princess cut when they least expect it but are delighted to find it.

Lead Scoring That Rolls Deep

You don’t have the manpower to shake down every yahoo that comes through the door. Lead scoring can help you filter out the real deals from the wisecracks, which is always good for business. For your life insurance agency to stay top dog you need to keep your eyes peeled, get the rundown from your brute force, and know when to keep your trap shut.

Be a lead voyeur

Sometimes you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time – like awkwardly stumbling into a room full of mobsters playing Russian roulette.

Lead scoring requires the skill to decipher which consumers meant to walk through the door and those that slipped and fell through the roof. Don’t waste your energy on the latter.

Someone visited your page… good for you. Were they just window shopping or were they looking to actually retain your insurance and financial marketing services?

Stage a stakeout and monitor visitor activity from all angles – when they arrived, when they left, and what were they up to.

Interaction at any level provides reasonable doubt they just stumbled across your information while trolling – signs of downloaded materials or watched videos are good resources to keep track of.

Before you put yourself on the line, make sure you can see a trail to the payoff at the end of the tunnel.

Shake down your sales team

If you want to know your way around hard work, ask the man with the most calloused hands. Want to know how to gauge the potential on a lead, ask your life insurance agents.

Your sales force is no stranger to the hard knock life – dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly from sunrise to sunset.

They’re the ones plunging their hands in the filth and digging through the dirt that qualified leads are hiding under. Who then knows better about separating the weak from the strong?

Pull in the guy that knows how to get things – the one with the swelling book of business. Skilled closers know a good deal when they see one.

To get the word on the street you need to tap the minds of your boys on the beat.

Make that canary sing

Take it easy hot head, you don’t need to dangle a potential lead over the side of a balcony until they give you what you’re looking for.

So listen up… no really, literally listen to what the lead is saying.

If you want to draw out the truth, you need to hold back – savor the flavor a little. Don’t stare at them stone-faced but don’t try to fill the silence either. You would be amazed how much someone will divulge if you just let them talk.

Those with any genuine intent of proceeding don’t need to be beaten into submission – if the client is truly serious they’ll open up and make the deal.

If not, then at least you didn’t waste your breath.

Final thoughts…

Your life insurance agents may be roughnecks in the metropolis of sales, but you don’t have to exhaust them hitting the pavement at every corner looking for the goods.

Scratch their backs and they’ll scratch yours. Targeting leads that have the most potential allows your team to spend more time closing deals than searching for them.

Know how to work your lead scoring system right and you’ll be sitting pretty like Keyser Soze.