We are Brightbox

At Brightbox, our love of marketing automation is deeper than Romeo’s love of Juliet. But rather than downing any poison, we chose to channel our affections by developing an intelligent lead generation platform that will expand your business larger than Fat Albert’s waistline. All hilarious references aside, Brightbox is the hip, new way for financial professionals to engage with their clients – and find quality prospects. Brightbox is determined to expand your kingdom, build high brand awareness, and generate the quality leads you’ve always wanted with our innovative and unique content.

The people who will benefit most from our stellar marketing software are Banks, Credit Unions, Property and Casualty Agents, Health Agencies, Mortgage Firms, and Life Insurance Agents.

With Brightbox you can:

  • Uncover new leads.
  • Cross-sell into any line of business.
  • Have the freedom to focus on other parts of your business.
  • Have access to time-saving, intelligent marketing tools that allow your business to look larger than it is.