Lead Scoring That Rolls Deep

You don’t have the manpower to shake down every yahoo that comes through the door. Lead scoring can help you filter out the real deals from the wisecracks, which is always good for business. For your life insurance agency to stay top dog you need to keep your eyes peeled, get the rundown from your brute force, and know when to keep your trap shut.

Be a lead voyeur

Sometimes you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time – like awkwardly stumbling into a room full of mobsters playing Russian roulette.

Lead scoring requires the skill to decipher which consumers meant to walk through the door and those that slipped and fell through the roof. Don’t waste your energy on the latter.

Someone visited your page… good for you. Were they just window shopping or were they looking to actually retain your insurance and financial marketing services?

Stage a stakeout and monitor visitor activity from all angles – when they arrived, when they left, and what were they up to.

Interaction at any level provides reasonable doubt they just stumbled across your information while trolling – signs of downloaded materials or watched videos are good resources to keep track of.

Before you put yourself on the line, make sure you can see a trail to the payoff at the end of the tunnel.

Shake down your sales team

If you want to know your way around hard work, ask the man with the most calloused hands. Want to know how to gauge the potential on a lead, ask your life insurance agents.

Your sales force is no stranger to the hard knock life – dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly from sunrise to sunset.

They’re the ones plunging their hands in the filth and digging through the dirt that qualified leads are hiding under. Who then knows better about separating the weak from the strong?

Pull in the guy that knows how to get things – the one with the swelling book of business. Skilled closers know a good deal when they see one.

To get the word on the street you need to tap the minds of your boys on the beat.

Make that canary sing

Take it easy hot head, you don’t need to dangle a potential lead over the side of a balcony until they give you what you’re looking for.

So listen up… no really, literally listen to what the lead is saying.

If you want to draw out the truth, you need to hold back – savor the flavor a little. Don’t stare at them stone-faced but don’t try to fill the silence either. You would be amazed how much someone will divulge if you just let them talk.

Those with any genuine intent of proceeding don’t need to be beaten into submission – if the client is truly serious they’ll open up and make the deal.

If not, then at least you didn’t waste your breath.

Final thoughts…

Your life insurance agents may be roughnecks in the metropolis of sales, but you don’t have to exhaust them hitting the pavement at every corner looking for the goods.

Scratch their backs and they’ll scratch yours. Targeting leads that have the most potential allows your team to spend more time closing deals than searching for them.

Know how to work your lead scoring system right and you’ll be sitting pretty like Keyser Soze.

Lisa Navarro is a freelance writer and administrative professional currently residing in Southern California. She has over 10 years of experience within the marketing and health insurance fields. When she’s not intimidating strangers with her writing, she’s most likely out and about stirring up trouble.