Top Shelf Lead Generation

Good manners, impeccable timing, and a little charm aren’t just the mark of a gentleman — they are techniques that can be applied to any endeavor you may have in mind for your organization. Check your coat and remove your hat – learn how being cavalier can stimulate lead generation for your insurance and financial marketing services.

Man Up That Reputation

Your reputation on the street is key to generating leads. Do you have people that would vouch for you?

Word of mouth makes or breaks legends. A good review next to your name is always desirable – but you may not have successfully wooed everybody.

Leads with any real potential will look you up and down before they make a move so the proof is in the pudding.

If you get tagged as a bad boy, handle it with class. Don’t shy away from adversity – it builds character and the wisdom to know better moving forward.

Show you can handle even the harshest of criticisms with candor and you’ll have prospects breaking down the door to get a piece.

Appreciate the Good Times

If you want to get noticed, you have to learn how to make an impression. Even more important, you have to know when to make it.

The life of a social media post runs hard and fast – lasting only a few hours before it begins to lose its allure. You need to find out the time of day you’re most likely to turn heads.

In the dark about when your magic hour starts? Keep cool son… you’re not alone.

There are programs available that will analyze your social media audience and report back as to when your optimal post time is.

Why waste all those skills if there is no one around to appreciate it?

Lead the Show like a Rockstar

If you can’t work a room, sales isn’t your forte my friend.

The last time I checked, public speaking was still the number one fear over death. A figure who comes off as authoritative and confident enough to speak in front of complete strangers earns a great deal of respect.

You can’t help but get a little personal when it comes to talking insurance – what better way to earn someone’s trust than being able to look them eye to eye.

Thrilling as it is, speaking at insurance and financial marketing events isn’t just for vanity sake. Stepping up to the mic is a strategic way of sweeping up leads. At the very least, it’s another opportunity to make a new professional connection.

Final thoughts…

In the primitive days of lead generation, it was take what you can get any way you can get it – survival of the fittest… like cavemen fighting for control of the fire.

It’s no wonder consumers have grown so skeptical – it can be a challenge sorting the hustlers from the heroes.

In the highly competitive world of marketing insurance and financial services, it takes a tight game and a little finesse to stay on top now.

Chivalry isn’t dead, it’s just dormant. Be the one to revive it – dust your shoulder off and show the rest of the world what an alpha dog looks like.

Lisa Navarro is a freelance writer and administrative professional currently residing in Southern California. She has over 10 years of experience within the marketing and health insurance fields. When she’s not intimidating strangers with her writing, she’s most likely out and about stirring up trouble.