Pro Internet Marketing

The internet is one amazing tool – it harnesses the power to connect people beyond a physical plane. Insurance and financial marketing empires have risen and fallen in this world.

A majority of our society takes this technological wizardry for granted. Pardon my language but the web is covered in an inordinate amount of crap – trust.

Don’t just post what you had for lunch, use your internet marketing for something meaningful or at the very least useful – keep it short and sweet, make a difference not a dent, and generate headlines.

Spin babble into drabble

“All you have to do is write one true sentence.” That was Hemingway. “Never use a long word where a short one will do.” Orwell dropped that beauty. “Brevity is the soul of wit.” That one escapes me… Shakespeare something.

You know what these literary savants were really saying… wrap – it – up. Put more eloquently of course.

Keep social posts quick and informative – not emotional. Studies show logic will outshine the dramatic when it comes to recirculation. Don’t oversaturate with adjectives – you’re not writing the next Iliad here.

Ernie’s drunken rants were genius – the rest of us I’m guessing not so much. You don’t want a reputation as the sloppy drunk that runs their mouth dry.

Speak clearly and with purpose

Social media allows the public to feel for a moment that they have captured the coveted mistress of notoriety – fifteen megabytes of fame.

In a way, social media posts are the time capsules we may leave behind for future archeologists to ponder about their ancestors, i.e. us. What will they say? Perhaps, “Must have been a complex society of individuals, full of great potential and horrendous destruction… and they really liked brunch!”

Unfortunately, this trend of non sequitur type content has turned off many professionals from utilizing social media for business.

What will your digital legacy say about you? Master of innovation or lover of jam on toast – the choice is yours.

Newsworthy words of wisdom

There are billions of social network users out there, 2.3 billion to be exact – that’s enough to fill the Staples center over one hundred and twenty thousand times. To muddle the waters further, on average each user subscribes to at least 5 different social networks.

Social media platforms are littered with a massive scale of monotony – I mean, how many times can you stand viewing posts with a sunset, a latte, or someone’s feet before you want to eat a bullet.

To get your insurance and financial marketing services ahead of the game, you have to break the news not recycle it. You have to tap into your inner journalist and break headlines.

So where do you stand? More importantly, where do you want to stand? Are you one of millions or just one in a million?

Wrap it up…

Social media was meant to be a medium for people to express themselves and expand on their creativity. Although this is true for a handful, the rest is a sea of copycats – doppelgangers on repeat.

If you want your internet marketing to survive the swarm you have to think outside the box. In fact, go beyond that, build a new box… construct something awe inspiring.

When it is all said and done, when the dust settles, you want your life insurance agency to be remembered as a trend setter – go hard or go home.

Lisa Navarro is a freelance writer and administrative professional currently residing in Southern California. She has over 10 years of experience within the marketing and health insurance fields. When she’s not intimidating strangers with her writing, she’s most likely out and about stirring up trouble.