Quote Engines – The North Star

The North Star has helped guide seafarer’s for centuries, just as a quote engine can lead your life insurance agency to the land of time and closed deals. Make sure you’re teamed up with one that will usher your organization past jagged obstacles and sail you smoothly off into the sunset.

All Aboard the Quote Engine

If the crew on the Pequod knew what Ahab was really up to, they likely would have remained on the safety of the dock. Imagine all the grief they could have saved if there was a Yelp for salty sea captains.

Thankfully for us, you can find “yays or nays” on just about anything these days – that includes quote engines for health insurance.

According to a recent report conducted by marketing giant Mintel, eighty percent of online consumers check a producer’s reviews prior to proceeding with a purchase.

Poor rapport with the public and equally rickety reviews associated with a service you work with can hit your organization like a rogue wave. Make sure you’re using a quote engine that doesn’t make consumers sea sick.

Make Your Leads Stronger than the Current

Nothing is worse than working your line for hours thinking you have Moby Dick on the other end and all you pull up is an old boot.

Your underwriting team in the crow’s nest will tell you, disqualification features on coverage ranges from person to person. Individual policies can range from a dingy to a speed boat depending on who’s at the wheel.

Any product or policy that a client is guaranteed not to qualify for should be gutted from the quote engine search results. Yes, you have to bait the hook from time to time to attract leads but you don’t have to be slimy about it.

Be accurate and honest with consumers or you’ll struggle to keep your business and your profits above water.

Steer Those Leads Upstream

Ever been on sea life tour? It’s always when you’re looking starboard that some magnificent creature decides to do a double back flip port side.

You can waste hours peering through the periscope waiting for your white whale to appear, but doing so is only going to drive you slowly insane.

Use a quote engine to help steer your life insurance agents to where the big catch is so they’re not left treading water on what’s trending.

A system that can capture quality leads AND gauge consumer activity will get you and your mates ahead of the squall.

Wait until you see the whites of their eyes before you set your harpoon.

Final Thoughts…

Exploring the vast ocean of health insurance coverage is an overwhelming endeavor for most. Even the best agents could use a lighthouse to lead them out of the fog – a solid consolidation system can do just that.

Think of a quote engine as the first mate to your life insurance agents – one that will not only save your sales team valuable time but generate bankable leads.

You’ve worked too hard to let your life insurance agency get lost at sea – so all hands on deck (quit giggling sailor!) because no one wants to swab the deck alone.

Lisa Navarro is a freelance writer and administrative professional currently residing in Southern California. She has over 10 years of experience within the marketing and health insurance fields. When she’s not intimidating strangers with her writing, she’s most likely out and about stirring up trouble.